Cellar Door Photography bio picture
  • We are Jeff and Lindy Jacobs - a husband and wife photography duo who thrive on creating and capturing love through digital photography and short films. We are available for travel and adventure worldwide.

    Striving to capture the fleeting moments of childhood, we began our romance with photography after the birth of our first daughter, Ashtyn. We learned how to use our cameras in the same fashion that we learned how to build a family - through following our instincts, continual trial and error, and with an ever constant vision of a beautiful life. Unhampered by the conventions of a traditional education in the craft, our photos rely on emotion, light, and movement to convey a story. We strive to capture the authenticity of life, but in the most beautiful form possible.

    As our family grew, so did our creative vision. We wanted space, freedom, and a home that would nourish our souls and fuel our creativity. This thirst led us to the mountains of the Santa Rosa Plateau, where we established The Majestic Goat Farm. Nestled in the shade of hundred year old oak trees, we've built a creative playspace of infinite possibilities. It's a place where our children can seek adventure and take chances, where we can create and explore new artistic visions, and where we can invite others to share in the beauty that surrounds us.

    Whether we are capturing the golden sunset over the mesa in our front yard, or trekking across unexplored trails in the Eastern Sierra, we want to capture your unique celebration of love.